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Abuse Policy updated on 31st July 2020

You can use the link below (Report Abuse) to initiate an abuse report concerning a domain registered with us. Before doing so, it is extremely important that you understand our position and the services we do and do not provide.

We are an ICANN-accredited domain registrar. This means we allow our customers to register and manage domain names. We also provide other optional ancillary services such as DNS management, web site forwarding and WHOIS privacy/proxy service.

We may not be a web site host and may not host any web pages.

We are not an email service provider, and, as such, our network cannot be used for sending email. will not become involved in third party disputes. We are not an arbiter of trademark, copyright, intellectual property, import-export rules interpreted by third parties and such other disputes. As a domain registrar, we are not in a position to judge the relative merits of each party's position with regards to a dispute. However, should any of the parties elect to seek a court order, please be advised that we would comply with a valid order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

We are not a shortcut around due legal process.

As a result of the foregoing, we will not consider abuse complaints dealing with any of the following unless directed to via a court order of adequate jurisdiction, or our WHOIS privacy/proxy service is being used and your sole request is to reveal the Registrant's details:

• Trademark disputes relating to a domain name: If you are the holder of a trademark that you feel is being infringed upon via a domain name registered with us, you are advised to consider a UDRP dispute. We will comply as required by ICANN rules upon the commencement of a UDRP dispute.

• Copyright disputes: If you are a copyright holder and believe your rights are being infringed, we recommend you file a DMCA complaint with the hosting provider of the associated web site. Content on web sites is under the purview of the host, not upon Ednit Software Private Limited as the domain name registrar.

• Spam/UCE: As noted above, we do not allow anybody to send email using our system. Therefore, if yours is a spam/UCE issue, please direct your complaint to the network/provider(s) used to deliver the email. It is too easy to spoof domain names or otherwise incorrectly implicate a domain name related to spam/UCE for us to investigate complaints.

• Phishing/Malware: Similar to the "Copyright disputes" section above, we do not host any web sites or web page content so our systems are not used for the hosting of any phishing attempts or malware distribution.

Online Pharmacies: As per guidelines from Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for exports by the merchant exporter, the exporter is required to have Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) and Drug License in Form 20B/21B for export of medicines to any country. If your complaint requires the online pharmacy domain owner to comply with any other rules and regulations other than the of laws of India or such similar laws of exporting country please send your abuse complaint with valid order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Only type of contents for which we make an exception to the policies above is in relation to following and will consider reports concerning this type of content on priority.

  1. 1. Child pornography or the unethical use of minors in any way.
  2. 2. Sale of narcotics drugs listed

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